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"Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods."  

Mikao Usui (Founder of Reiki)

Healing Through Reiki | Find a Reiki Therapist Melbourne | Alternative Healing Therapy


Throughout life we incur physical and emotional traumas, challenges, stressors and injuries.

Reiki is a gentle and powerful natural therapy that promotes healing by repairing and restoring clients (layer by layer) back to physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual perfection. ​

Healing Through Reiki Therapy Melbourne | Within The Space

To heal means to make whole, to restore to health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



Reiki is Japanese energy healing technique. 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' means energy.

Quantum physics teaches us there is no difference between energy and matter. All systems in the human being, from the atomic to the molecular level, are constantly in motion-creating resonance. 

There are many things in life which impact the frequency quality of our cells and affecting our physical and mental wellbeing.   

Reiki Therapy utilises the high frequency, pure, universal energy to promote healing.

Alternative Healing Therapies How Reiki Therapy Works

"Life leaves its mark, much like footprints on sand.  Reiki works like the ocean's waves, gently rolling in and restoring the sand to its pristine state."

Reiki Master Helen Callanan

Reiki Melbourne | Alternative Healing Therapy Melbourne | How Reiki Can Help You | Within The Space


Reiki is a powerful healing tool, whether you have Hands-On Reiki Therapy here in Melbourne or Distance Reiki (where you can be anywhere in the world),

Reiki requires no spiritual belief system whatsoever. Once thought of as an 'alternative' therapy, Reiki is increasingly utilised as a complimentary therapy in hospitals, Palliative Care and mainstream settings.



Reiki can be incredibly effective for:



Pain & symptom management (including for life-limiting illnesses)



Migraines & headaches

Side effects from treatments (including chemotherapy & radiation)

Physical ailments or injuries

Insomnia or sleep issues


Burns & wound healing

Palliative & End of Life care and

General health & wellbeing

Spiritual growth and wellbeing

Reiki Therapy Melbourne | Within The Space

"Reiki truly has been an extraordinary Gift in my life. I hope with all my heart that you give yourself that Gift of Reiki in yours."

Fiona Phillips​



A warm, heartfelt welcome to Within The Space.   

Practicing Reiki is a Great Love of mine. It is truly a joy and privilege to do this witness the transformations and improved quality of life of my clients as a result of Reiki.  

I invite you to explore this space and learn more about Reiki and what it may bring to your own life. Please connect with me if you are interested in learning more about Reiki Therapy.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Fiona Phillips 

Certified II Reiki Practitioner

| Within The Space |



Finding A Reiki Therapist Melbourne Testimonies | Within The Space

"Thank you so much Fiona, you've been a bright light in the darkness to me these past weeks.  An importantly timely, supportive, healing journey facilitated with much tenderness and generosity.  Thank you doesn't adequately express my gratitude." 


Finding A Reiki Therapist Melbourne Testimonies | Within The Space

"Fiona, I can't thank you enough for what you did for my shoulder.  I wasn't at all convinced that Reiki would actually help it but I was willing to give it a go instead of having to get another cortisone injection.  For two years I had constant pain and sleepless nights but after the Reiki with you, it was completely resolved.  I still can't quite believe it but am so grateful for the Reiki and also for you!" 


Finding A Reiki Therapist Melbourne Testimonies | Within The Space

"Infinite gratitude for all that you do and all that you have an incredible gift and we are all so lucky and blessed to have you hold space and be a healing conduit so that we can all live our full potential."




A Holistic and Natural Therapy for the mind, body and soul

Distance Reiki Therapy Melbourne | Certified Practitioner Melbourne


(In Absentia Therapy)

A Reiki session that is as effective as hands-on Reiki and doesn't require you to actually physically attend the session.  You can receive distance Reiki and be anywhere in the world.


Are you interested in a holistic approach to your health and well-being, looking for pain management, end of life care or just curious to know more about Reiki? Please connect with me to find out more or to book a Reiki session.


Fiona x

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