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It is my pleasure to write this commendation of Fiona Phillips Reiki healing sessions and practice.  I have watched Fiona and her development as a practitioner and Channel and have also worked alongside her in combined Reiki sessions.  In fact, I often engage Fiona to complete long distance Reiki sessions for family or clients of mine that I am unable to attend to due to my commitments.

Fiona really is a remarkable long distance Channel and her insights, compassion, and capacity to ‘get out of the way’ and therefore contribute to and witness a person’s healing is notable.

In addition, Fiona demonstrates an ongoing dedication to her relationship and growth as a practitioner by her ongoing study, self-healing, research and practice.

Whether you are looking for a hands on or long distance practitioner and Reiki Healing Session you will go a long way to find better.

Reiki Master Helen Callanan - Reiki Master (Usui Global Healing) , End of Life Doula Educator (Preparing The Way) and End of Life Doula, Melbourne

I am so very grateful to have Fiona Phillips recommended to me to assist with long distance Reiki sessions when my son (2 years old) was in the Royal Childrens Hospital having open heart surgery and having a very difficult time for several weeks. 

Reiki was something I had heard of and have not really experienced myself and I was shocked and amazed that every time he received Reiki (from a distance and I have never met Fiona in person and nor has he) that he settled, his levels rose and he was much better. 

I am absolutely certain that Reiki was an undeniable contributor (alongside amazing Dr’s and Nurses) to the fact that he is even here today with us – now a year later.  He will be having more open heart surgery in the coming year and I will for sure be calling on Fiona and long distance Reiki again! 

Casey C, Mother, Victoria

Going through several personal crises during Melbourne’s lengthy COVID-19 isolation in 2020 felt intolerably difficult.  I was at the razor thin edge of my ability to continue coping alone amongst deep grief and terrifying fear. 

When distance reiki with Fiona was suggested to me I knew I desperately needed to make contact.  Fiona facilitated a series of three distance reiki sessions for me.  The insights, support, care and hope I received was nothing short of life saving at a time when all was very very bleak.  Fiona’s reiki sessions, along with clear and detailed follow up notes and telephone discussions provided an insightful, wonderful, supportive, caring, yet challenging presence with which to journey through the crises in isolation feeling held, supported and more able to cope. 

After the series of sessions I sent this message to Fiona: “I feel like there's been an amazingly noticeable shift...both within myself and in my circumstances!  a sense of peacefulness seems to have descended.  I've begun to imagine myself freed, my grief seems to have receded quite noticeably”.🙏💚

I’d recommend Fiona for Reiki to anyone struggling to cope with significant life issues or events.

Thanks so much Fiona, you've been a bright light in the darkness to me these past many months.  An importantly timely, supportive, healing journey facilitated with much appreciated tenderness and generosity.  Thankyou doesn't adequately express my gratitude 🙏 💚🌸

MC, Melbourne

In mid-2020 I was facing significant health issues which brought up extreme anxiety, and added to the stress I was experiencing after losing my job at the start of the COVID-19 restrictions.  A great time to get some Reiki!

I am a trained Reiki channel myself and know the extraordinary link between the channel and the recipient that can develop during each session. Fiona did three sessions remotely and took notes which she sent through to me afterwards.  The notes truly reflected the experience I had each time, even though I did not see them for at least a week afterwards.

The words, emotions and experiences that she documented so beautifully clearly resonated with those that I was feeling at the time.  The energy of the Reiki helped to unlock, release and heal negativity that I had been carrying around for many years. 

Fiona is an extraordinary channel as she trusts the connection Reiki brings between her and her client and is able to then bring that forth for healing.  After the Reiki sessions I felt restored on so many levels and was able to manage my medical procedures with calmness and free of fear.

Catherine H, 58, Systems administrator, Sydney

Fiona has performed four Reiki long distance healing sessions from Australia on me in the U.S.  Each one was a wonderful spiritual experience .  I would go into a meditative state, sometimes very deep and come out when she finished.  The healing was profound, yet subtle, and I could feel changes in my body for several days afterward.

Fiona took great notes and shared them with me, revealing her ability to connect on a very deep or high spiritual level.  The notes often gave me info on my subconscious thoughts which helped me to monitor and change to a more positive thought process to assist my healing.

I will continue to work with Fiona again and again.

Thank you so much, Fiona!

Mapremananda, Oregon, USA 

Having Reiki with Fiona was a Godsend. I saw Fiona for Reiki when I had acute relentless Sinus headaches for three weeks non-stop, was feeling exhausted and run-down and my tablets were barely touching the surface. 

I wanted in person Reiki but because of lockdown restrictions the only option was to have distance Reiki instead. I’d never had before and not sure I believed it could work but was willing to try.  In my case, Fiona recommended I have a trio of Reikis in 10 days, which I did and am so glad for it.

After the first Reiki, I had a little more energy and my headaches were much milder.  By the end of the third Reiki, the headaches had gone completely and I was full of energy.

At the time I was also experiencing difficulty in my relationship and was finding it hard to cope with.  And although I didn't go to Fiona for that, her notes went into that issue and were just so accurate. They helped me understand why I allow certain behaviours and also why I respond to them the way I do. I found the notes so enlightening and empowering. 

What was so amazing to me was that after the Reikis, I noticed I was able to respond to my husband with clearer boundaries and I wasn't feeling so angry and frustrated.  I didn't even need to try, it's like the Reiki changed something within me.

I still don’t quite understand how Reiki works across distance, but it was remarkable how quickly my sinuses resolved and how quickly things shifted in my relationship.

Thanks Fiona for what you do, you are the real deal!  And Thanks for your compassion and support.  I would definitely do distance Reiki again after this experience.

MM, Mother, Melbourne

I am so thankful for the gift of Fiona’s healing.
Fiona, Thank you for your detailed notes and your ever so kind and gentle approach to my issues. You are a very talented healer!
My love and gratitude to you.

LK, Queensland

Reiki was always something that had intrigued me & when my very beautiful friend suggested I give it a go, I didn’t hesitate.  Life was bubbling along, but I just needed something else. Something for me, enter Fiona.

We connected through mutual friends twice removed & I will be forever grateful. Fiona herself has such a calming energy, I immediately was relaxed & not at all worried. I just went with it. Things shifted, I felt things again & I have now recommended reiki to some of my friends & family.

Thank you Fiona.

AC, Melbourne

I was given a gift from a dear friend of 3 distance Reikis and I am so, so grateful! Fiona is truly an exceptional healer!  

Fiona and I hadn’t even met or spoken before she did the Reikis and yet her notes were so detailed and so on the money.   She wrote with such sensitivity and with such love and compassion and really picked out so many of the things I’ve gone through which have really affected me in my life and where I find myself now.   Reading her notes was like reading into the deepest parts of my soul and she just really got it, she got me!  There was such hope in the notes and I am so thankful for the healing I received.

I can’t thank you enough Fiona for your gift of healing and also to my friend who gave me these Reikis as gift!  Best present ever!  

B, Melbourne

I don’t know what I would have done without Fiona’s healing hands and calm presence for me and my husband during his final years of life.

Fiona did both hands on Reiki and Distance Reiki during my husband’s final couple of years.  He was always much more peaceful and more comfortable every time she did Reiki for him.

Towards the end, he became agitated and would groan with pain.  He often suffered constipation from the medications they had him on and every single time she did Reiki, it did the trick and in general he is was much more comfortable within himself.  It was such a relief to know she was there supporting him in that way.

He held on to life for a very long time and towards the end Fiona began to do more distance Reikis for him.  It seemed to be working on his unresolved issues and attachments and amazingly, almost immediately after the last big issue was dealt with he began the dying process.  It was like he felt a sense of peace to be able to let go of this life.

For me personally, as my husband's carer, this was a very chaotic and painful time for me and Fiona always took time to listen, support and encourage me. She made me feel seen and understood.  I can’t thank her enough for her support and wisdom over that period.

Fiona, I truly believe you are a Guardian Angel.  Thank you so much for your support, sensitivity and helping us both out during this extremely painful period.  You gave us both comfort at a time when we felt so helpless and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

KL, 72, Shop Assistant, Melbourne

My partner had severe asthma which showed up as incessant and debilitating coughing which lead to sleep deprivation and insomnia.  

The medications weren't helping ease the cough much and he was really struggling.  It was non-stop.  So I recommended that he see Fiona for Reiki to see if it might help. 

He wasn't really convinced about Reiki in general, though hesitated to call himself a full sceptic.  But he agreed to have Reiki on the off chance it might help. I think he was willing to give anything a go at that point!

After the Reiki, his cough had actually stopped completely and that night he had the first good night's sleep he'd had in days.  I think he was quite shocked by that!

Thank you Fiona! You are magical! 

Manal M, 44, Personal Trainer, Melbourne

I went along for a Reiki session to help relieve emotional stress and to generally improve my wellbeing. Reiki somehow lifted my fog. After a few sessions, the stress in my life become more manageable, I felt more energised. Fiona has a very caring, empathic demeanour and works from a tranquil, safe space. I highly recommend Reiki with Fiona.

RM, Melbourne



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