• 1 hour
  • 19.99 US dollars
  • Moor Street

Service Description

Hands-on Reiki is a direct, in person experience where the Reiki Practitioner places their hands on a series of prescribed positions on your body (mainly your torso and head) and you (or your energy body)  draws the Reiki via the Practitioner as the conduit or 'plug-in' for as long as you need the Reiki for each position. It is noteworthy to mention that some Practitioners these days ‘hover’ their hands above the positions rather than place their hands directly on the body.  This is a recent diversion away from and modification of the original Teaching of Reiki practice and not the way I practice Reiki.  You can read more about why hovering hands Reiki is not recommended here.  ‘Hovering’ is useful when a client has an injury and it would be too painful to receive hands-on Reiki, but otherwise hands-on is best practice as taught and intended by Reiki Founder, Dr. Usui.

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  • 85 Moor Street, Fitzroy Victoria, Australia