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Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922. Mikao Usui was born in Nagoya, Japan on 15 August 1865.  At a young age, Dr. Usui studied kiko (the Japanese version of Qi Gong) at a Tendai Buddhist Temple on Mt. Kuruma.   Kiko involves a build-up of a supply of energy through the use of exercises before using it for healing through the laying of hands.   Those using kiko are prone to energy depletion (as it can draw on one’s own energy as well) and young Usui was fascinated with questions of whether there was a way to use the healing without the depletion. Usui then travelled all over Japan, China and Europe in pursuit of this question, learning a broad array of subjects including medicine, psychology, religion and spiritual development.  Blessed with psychic abilities, he also joined a metaphysical group called the Rei Jyutu Ka which enabled him to continue with his spiritual education.

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