Since Dr Usui first discovered Reiki, it has been practiced and taught around the world through a traditional system of attunement or passing on of Reiki from Teacher to student in person.  This person-to-person, Teacher-to-student passing on of Reiki is essential.   

The reason why this method of passing on is so vital is that there is a direct Energetic transfer and opening from Teacher to student to enable the student to access and channel the Reiki.  This process is called Reiju, initiation or attunement (it works similar to the antenna on a radio which tunes into the correct station).  In this case, the attunement allows the student to ‘tune’ into the Reiki and access it as a result of the direct transfer and opening from the Teacher to the student.  

There are now many online courses to become a Reiki Practitioner and it is questionable how the attunement could possibly occur without the person-to-person process of attuning and direct Energetic transfer/channel opening. 

Accordingly, when seeking a Reiki Practitioner, whether it be myself or another Practitioner, I recommend that you ask for details of their Lineage (the line down from which Reiki has been passed down in person from Teacher to Student).  A Reiki practitioner’s lineage should always point back to the Father and Founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui.



In terms of my Lineage, I am 5th in line and lineage from Founder and Father of Reiki, Dr. Usui.  This means the Reiki was passed down from Dr. Usui through the Reiju/Attunement process to 4 Masters before being passed down to myself.  

I have had the honour and privilege of studying with two Masters, Helen Callanan and Jeremy O’Carroll.   I am eternally grateful to each of them for providing me with different approaches to my practice and for broadening my spiritual path.  Each have gifted me with their own set of wisdom and each with their own wealth of experience and knowledge and I remain humbled and honoured to have had the opportunity to have studied with both.

Special thanks and gratitude goes to Master Helen Callanan who was there with me from the very beginning of my journey with Reiki.  Indeed it was with Helen that I first experienced Reiki in my life.  On the recommendation of a dear friend, Helen came to facilitate Reiki with me over series of three sessions.   I was so extraordinarily moved and impacted by my experience during those sessions and the shifts that they effected in my life that it was then that my curiosity and love affair with Reiki began.    Our relationship soon developed from me being Helen's client to her graciously and generously agreeing to be my Teacher and Mentor. 

Helen has shown an unwavering dedication to teaching and mentoring me in my practice, to my growth as a Reiki practitioner and to my own spiritual growth.  She has been my ‘great believer’, a constant source of encouragement and I am deeply and intensely grateful for her passion, her Divine Wisdom,  her generosity and for her commitment to my professional and personal  journey.  

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