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A warm welcome to Within The Space.  I am a Certified II Reiki Practitioner and trained End of Life Doula.  My story and journey that lead me into these heart-filled spaces, like so many others who find themselves practicing Reiki or End of Life care, is essentially a story about life.  How life and all our experiences and challenges, lessons and growth lead us into our calling.

Practicing Reiki for me is truly a vocation rather than a job.  I feel blessed every single day to be doing this work.  I feel blessed for the extraordinary clients who come with open hearts and a willingness to give Reiki a go.  To take a leap, sometimes even with skepticism or uncertainty about what Reiki is or how it could possibly help them.   I feel so grateful that they allow me into their lives and allow me to witness their amazing shifts and transformations through their union with Reiki. 

Throughout my practice I have witnessed many an extraordinary thing with Reiki and it continues, to this day, to have me in awe of its beauty and power.  It is my mission to spread the word about Reiki and it is my greatest hope is that one day, Reiki will be commonly utilised by everyone all around the Globe.  

I thank and acknowledge you for seeking out Reiki in your own life and for the Gift you are considering giving to yourself with Reiki Therapy.  What an extraordinary Gift of self love!

If you are interested in knowing more about Reiki Therapy or booking in a session, please contact me.  I look forward to connecting with you. 


Fiona x